Packaging Paper Export

Virgin FBB

DUBEGAR Company supplies high quality Folding Box Board and Sticker paper grades of below categories:

  • C1S FBB
  • C1S Ivory Board / Food Pack
  • C2S Art paper
  • Duplex Board
  • Self Adhesive Paper

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Boosting paper exports

As per rise of needs over recycling of products, to combat global warming, a paper industry have became one of the most important source of raw material supply. Shift of most of packaging industry from plastics to paper has risen demand for the paper supply.

Dubegar company has increased it’s export of Virgin and Recycled paper material from Southern Europe, to Far East, including Central Asia and Middle East. It includes paper for Corrugated Box production industry, a Printing Paper/Label production industry, Folding Boxboard production industry and other various industries, which uses paper as a raw material.

Additionally Dubegar supplies used paper material for recycling purposes for Paper Production industries, from its warehouses. It contains various grades for different types of paper, like bleached and unbleached grades, as well as paper with virgin/non-virgin contents.

Happy New Year & Merry Christmas!

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Update of email servers

Dear Partners,
Please be informed that email servers are being updated. Starting from 18:00 GMT +3, 24 August 2018, dubegar accounts will not be send or receive emails. Process will take maximum 24 hours. After that emails will start fully working.
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Shipment to South Korea

Our export of packaging paper type Low gsm MG Kraft to South Korea has started. Thanks to our South Korean partners.

Paper is one the most used raw material for packaging and wrapping products. The demand for paper packaging will continue to witness growth over the following forecast period. With focus now shifting towards eco-friendly and sustainability, paper packaging is expected to gain traction over plastic packaging, which poses significant threat to environment. We are bringing paper products to our customers from all around the world with well experienced DUBEGAR team.

Recently we started exporting to South Korea European MG Kraft paper types, thanks to our Korean partners. As known, S. Korea is worlds one of the biggest industrial country.

Import amount of  Kraft paper of South Korea is  around 284 million usd yearly. We are proudly happy to take part in this big market.