Waste Paper for Recycling

Recycling of waste paper is a multi-step process, the purpose of which is to restore paper fiber, and also other paper components (such as mineral fillers) and use them as a raw material for the production of new paper.

On recycling of paper materials less resources are expended, and therefore production is more environmentally friendly. The savings will be 1000 kW, 20 cubic meters of water and reduce the amount of harmful emissions by 1.7 tons for one thousand kilograms of recyclable materials, which is much more profitable than paper production from solid wood. The advantage would be to avoid using chemicals, as well as it has huge impact on saving of green forest and ecology.

We offer you wide range of various types of waste paper stocks for recycling purpose. Below please find categories and descriptions:

– Waste Sack Kraft: 

Grades: 4.04;  4.04.01;  4.05;  4.05.01

A paper type, which is made of fully virgin fibers. A great choice for manufacturing of KLB, Virgin Top Kraftliner, recycled MG and Sack Kraft grades, and other similar type of paper. Stocks comes both Pure (zero impurity) and Polycoated Papers types.

Waste Sack Kraft – DUBEGAR

– DLK: 

Grades: 4.01.01;  4.02

Used / unused corrugated boxes, with liners of Kraft paper only. Perfect choice for manufacturing of KLB, Testliner, recycled grade Kraft paper, and other similar paper types.

DLK A++ grade – DUBEGAR

– OCC: 

Grades: 1.04;  1.05

Used boxes and sheets of corrugated board of various qualities. Grade 1.05 contains from 90% to 98% corrugated boxes. Best choice for manufacturers of Testliner, Fluting, Schrenz paper, Board paper, and other types of paper.


– ONP: 

Grades: 2.01;  2.02

Grades of newsprint paper for recycling. Available both used and unused (unsold) collection of newspaper. Recommended for manufacturers of Newsprint paper, Egg tray production, FBB grades, and other types of paper.

Newspaper for Recycling – DUBEGAR

– Mixed Waste Paper: 

Grades: 1.01

A mixture of various grades of paper and board, shaving, multi-print, newspaper, office paper, carton. Impurity level up to 10%. Recommended for various types of paper and paper material manufacturing.


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